Peter Lundebjerg
Fine Woodworking of All Styles

About Me
Born 1960 in West Hartford, Connecticut
I’vs been a wood worker and tinkerer Most of my life, as a child my dad would have to lock me out of his work room. I learned the basic in Junior and Senior High School. In 2002 I decided to go for it and make woodworking my full time career.I feel passionatly about woodworking and at the end of the day, I want to say I MADE THAT AND IT LOOKS GOOD!

About My Work:
I can build anything
I would like the opportunity to build you what you want; I will listen to any idea that you have and help you create your own unique piece.

About Creating a One of a Kind Piece for You:
I look at the wood at hand and try to see what it wants to be. Working to the character of the wood helps me and you create a truly unique effect. One that can not be found in a furniture store.

I can work with your Designer, Architect or Interior Designer to help you create a piece for your home that reflects your taste.
About the wood:
I select the best materiel for the task at hand. Solid wood is my favorite; Solid lumber is more traditional and more forgiving. I also use laminated lumber and veneer for large panels and box bottoms. Laminated lumber is tremendously superior for stability and there are things you can do with veneer that would be almost impossible to do with solid wood.

I purchase most of my solid lumber rough cut from "Kyhl Woods in Parkersburg Illinois and Wood Emporium in Loveland, Colorado.

About the Finish:
I like a hand rubbed Tung Oil Blend finish with a top coat of a good past wax. If the piece gets scratched, just sand and reapply the tung oil blend. Wax it every year and it will look good forever. Please do not use "Spray Wax". The spray wax you buy at the local store is not a true wax and it is not good for oils or shellac finishes. If you are using it on your antique furniture please stop.

Recipe For Tung Oil Blend Finish
1/3 Tung Oil
1/3 Boiled Linseed Oil
1/3 Oil basted Polyurethane

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